capabilitiesCamcor Industries prides itself on quality service, precision machining second to none in the industry and focuses on competitive pricing to reduce customer cost.

Our state-of-the art equipment allows us to produce precision parts of complex geometries that other manufacturers simply can’t produce.  Our modern equipment, housed in a secure, climate controlled environment, coupled with a highly skilled staff, allows us to produce the highest quality products, using the latest technology.

We specialize in two, three, four and five axix CNC milling and turning, including complex 3D surface machining. Very small parts, parts involving multiple setups or complex operations, difficult to fixture parts, or hard-to-machine materials are not a problem at Camcor.

Camcor can meet even the most rigorous needs for complex and intricate parts with exacting accuracy and superb quality. Five-axis machining has significantly shortened our already impressive lead and delivery times.

5-axis milling represents yet another step in Camcor’s ongoing mission to make customized, high quality parts manufacturing economically viable.

Camcor is able to provide for requirements in the Medical, Aerospace, Defence and Security, Oceans and Subsea, Oil and Gas, Scientific and Commercial and SATCOM/Space/Communications sectors.

In addition to machining services, we provide a comprehensive array of secondary services which include welding, electron beam welding, assembly and coordinating outside services such as coating, anodizing, heat treating, plating, sterilizing, annealing and sheet metal.


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The Camcor Advantage

A product development team with over 100 years experience in high-performance material selection and application.

A facility dedicated to machining tight tolerance products.

A team of machinists using the latest in modern equipment and techniques to ensure fast and precise part production.

Coordinate Measuring Machining and computer software packages to perform comprehensive inspection and provide complete reports.

The ability to manufacture parts when no prints exist by taking workable samples and performing complete measurements, then transferring the measurements into our CAD/CAM software to create a new part drawing.

A machining facility that can accept CAD files by electronic transfer and convert them to our CAD/CAM system, ensuring accuracy.

Complete traceability of all materials used and a documented quality control policy.

A machining facility that is committed to meeting all of the requirements and qualifications of our high-tec hcustomers including special cleaning, marking and packaging to semiconductor industry specifications.

Easy access
An ‘open door’ policy for your complete quality inspection and vendor audit requirements.

Instant access to the largest volume and variety of high-performance alloys and plastics in the world … under one roof.

Turn-around times that are second to none in the industry for machined parts, from prototype to intermediate and large volume production quantities.

Complete devotion to providing the highest quality machining services to our customers.

We work routinely with a large array of metals and engineering plastics including:

» Aluminum
» Steel

» Nickel Alloy
» Stainless Steel
» Titanium
» Brass 
» Bronze
» Copper Alloys
» Exotics

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In order to meet all of our clients requirements, we have formed an alliance with Sentry Precision Sheet Metal.