When machining for the medical industry, what you make matters on a very personal level. Orthopedic parts, medical devices, diagnostic and imaging equipment are just a few of an increasingly complex catalog of medical parts that have resulted in remarkable medical breakthroughs while testing the limits of manufacturing complexity and efficiency.

Camcor delivers effective medical machining solutions for a wide range of products that continue to grow in complexity even as they shrink in size. Whether taking on titanium alloys, cobalt chrome, stainless steel or the extreme precision of micromachining, Camcor has the machines, the processes, the experience and know how to manufacture the next breakthrough.

From miniature bone implants, to large components for MRI imaging, learn how Camcor can optimize your machining processes to achieve the throughput, quality and guaranteed cycle times you need to make your operations mroe productive and profitable.

Bone implants … Bone Plates … Diagnostic Testing Instrumentation … Manipulators … Medical Automation … Medical Imaging: Xray, PET/CT Scan, Cardiovascular Xray, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography … Medical Lasers … Nuclear Medicine … Orthopedics … Radiotherapy … Surgical Equipment