Camcor Industries has established a Quality Assurance Manual to ensure its customers that they are a high quality supplier of precision machined components. Camcor strives to continually surpass customer requirements. This record of quality performance encourages customers to request that Camcor enter their “Certified Supplier” programs. As a Certified Supplier, Camcor will supply product directly to its customers’ production lines. The quality assurance normally supplied by the customers’ inspectors is therefore provided by Camcor.

Camcor’s exceptional service and quality is made possible through a combination of craftsmanship and experience of our professionals, and our state-of-the art equipment and processes.

To meet Certified Supplier requirements, Camcor has established a quality assurance system described in its manual. The system’s policies and procedures guarantee that Camcor has carried out the necessary inspection, corrected any defects and recorded the inspection results. The quality system provides customers with the confidence that Camcor will meet their requirements with every order.

The quality system described in this manual is modeled on the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization’s standard: ISO 9001_2008-Quality Systems-Model for quality assurance in production and installation.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration

Controlled Goods Certificate