Precision Engineering for Space Exploration

With a proven track record in supplying components to the space and communication industries, we set the standard for tight tolerance manufacturing.

Delivering Excellence in Space and Satellite Technology

Our experience covers the full spectrum of the space and satellite sector’s critical areas of hardware development and volume production for micro-sat constellation application.

Including components for the COM DEV NIRISS, one of the key scientific instruments that is part of the James Webb Space Telescope.

  • Complex Waveguide
  • Satellite Parts
  • Guidance and Stabilization
  • Systems
  • Housings and Chassis Parts
  • Panels and Brackets
  • Sensors
  • Transponders

We have expanded our space and satellite communication capabilities by creating innovative machining processes for metal optics.

This includes Plano and Spherical Mirrors, Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors, and Toroid Mirrors. We can now produce mirrors with complex angles much faster and more affordably than before.

Our Success Stories

A Material Challenge

Dimensional stability is a core problem when manufacturing components destined for space. Even in low orbit satellites can see thermal cycling in the hundreds of degrees Celsius. By using very fine, nanostructured super alloys, our customers can mitigate these thermal expansion issues. As a result, super alloys such as RSA-443 Aluminum (40% Si, 60% Al) are used. While these alloys provide stable, strong, and lightweight components, they become difficult and expensive to work with.

Rise above the Earth

Mitigating flaws and refining procedures has become a hallmark of Camcor Industries. Having the right material is only part of the solution; knowing how to manufacture it effectively, while minimizing cost due to scrap becomes the other key element. We have a proven track record of working with difficult to machine materials; using stress relieving practices we can hold the tightest of tolerances (0.005mm) and keep dimensional stability. Some of these parts have gone on to become mirror bodies and optical mounts, including other high precision equipment used in the far reaches of the cosmos.

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Out-of-This-World Manufacturing

Explore an array of projects that highlight our space and satellite prowess, including contributions to the James Webb Space Telescope.